Shmulik Mangan

  About Shmulik Mangan

Shmulik Mangan has always drawn inspiration from his surroundings. Born in Jerusalem in 1963, Mangan developed a culinary passion at a young age, assisting his parents in a family-owned restaurant in the picturesque neighborhood of Nahlaot, where he grew up. His love for cooking was however overcome by his passion for nature, and Mangan spent his formative years exploring the outdoors, developing an intense fascination for insects

While earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Mangan excelled at costume and set design, leading him to open his own studio upon graduating

Mangan’s enthusiasm for wildlife combined with his rejection of the general angst and revulsion directed toward insects, eventually led him to search for a new way of depicting the species. Today, after obtaining a Lighting Design & Planning Certificate from Bar-Ilan University, Mangan found his signature mode by embracing industrial materials and creating insect-inspired lighting fixtures, thus shedding new light upon their image

As an emerging artist in the marketplace, Mangan strives to promote his designs without compromising the artistic quality of his work