About iinsecto

Established in 2010 by designer Shmulik Mangan, iinsecto transforms artistic ideas into functional design objects, combining an organic aesthetic with industrial techniques

Shmulik Mangan’s creative vision is the blueprint for iinsecto, apparent in his debut collection, Sectionals. While combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technological skills, Mangan’s limited-edition and one-of-a-kind lighting collection pieces seek to convey a modern response to the natural world. By using multiple laser-cut cross-sections of insects, Sectionals features a repetitive act which emphasizes and simplifies the brisk movements of insects

After extensive theoretical, material, and technological research, Mangan has succeeded in capturing the fleeting moments of wildlife that inspire his functional pieces. Each piece is carefully constructed by skilled artisans, thus ensuring they remain works of art as well as products of design

iinsecto offers custom site-specific lighting design objects, as well as interior design consulting services, guaranteeing an exceptional backdrop and optimal realization of any given space

An up-and-coming contemporary design studio, iinsecto has been featured in galleries across the country, garnering rave reviews